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PR2 Propagation Resistivity 

PR2 Propagation Resistivity

The PR2 Propagation Resistivity Tool provides industry-standard Phase Difference and Attenuation Resistivity measurements at 2 antenna spacings and 2 frequencies, providing 8 total Resistivity measurements. The PR2 also provides optional Bore & Annulus Pressure and 3-axis Shock Measurements, all in one collar.    

The PR2 is designed to work with 3rd party MWD systems.  The PR2 is powered from 8-cell 28V Tensor-style or 10-cell 36V APS-style battery packs, or a downhole turbine alternator.  The PR2 communicates with Tensor-style Directional Modules using Generic Variables (GV's).  The tool also supports other serial bus architectures, including CAN and RS485.  

Adapter hardware is available to connect MWD probes both above and below the PR2.  The most common applications place batteries and the directional module above the PR2 and a natural gamma measurement below.  A conventional bottom-mount mud pulser and muleshoe can be placed below the PR2, or a top-mount pulser above.  The PR2 has also been tested with dual telemetry systems utilizing EM telemetry and a gap sub to transmit in parallel with the mud pulser.

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GRe Natural Gamma Ray - enhanced

The GRe Natural Gamma Ray - enhanced probe provides a much needed update to existing Natural Gamma Ray measurements for probe-based Directional / Gamma MWD systems.  

Conventional gamma ray probes provide only a logic-level pulse output with no diagnostic or self-test capability.  The GRe adds modern digital electronics.   A microprocessor provides a serial data interface to a PC-based utility program for test and configuration. The PMT high voltage is programmable, allowing the user to verify GR detector performance via plateau testing.  Time-at-temperature data is stored in internal memory and can be read via the PC utility program. An optional GR Test Box can be used with the PC utility program to verify GR count rate from the GR Gamma pulse output, eliminating the need for a MWD directional module and test setup for GR testing and verification.     

The GRe was designed to add gamma ray measurements to existing 3rd-party MWD directional-only systems.  In Tensor-compatible systems, the GR pulse output is connected to line 8 and counts/sec is determined by the Directional Module.  Through wires support existing MWD system electrical connections, allowing the GRe to be placed in a variety of locations in the MWD system.  In addition to the standard Tensor-compatible configuration, the mechanical and electrical interface can be customized for customer requirements.    

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